Logos 4.0 is out

[This post is a tribute to the Logos beta program and a part of the Logos 4.0 release blog campaign.  A more detailed Russian text will follow soon.]

For the last two months I have been privileged to be a beta-tester for Logos 4.0, a new release from the Logos Bible Software company.  Today Logos 4 is out.  It is no more called Libronix as in version 3.x, but again bearing the historical name Logos.

Screenshot of the new Logos 4.0

Screenshot of the new Logos 4.0

I’ve been using Logos since version 2.1.  I own a Navigators CD, an anthology of 25 years of Discipleship Journal.  It was a long time ago.  But I haven’t got a chance to use Logos much until last year, when I purchased a box set (Leader’s Library).  After that I was really “converted” by Logos.  I’ve spent a lot of money on books from Logos Pre-pub, March Madness campaign, and so on.  The breadth and wealth of the resources provided at Logos.com is vast.  I’ve been helped a lot from the available resources as they helped me in personal growth, in Bible study and sermon preparation.

It should be noted that I am a software developer by myself and, in a sense, a competitor to Logos.  I develop BibleQuote, a free tool for Bible study and a simple librarian for electronic books.  The program is quite well-known in Russia and among Russian-speaking users in the world.  The module format is open (simple texts with little markup) so there are many Russian books made for BibleQuote.  However, since I’ve been using Logos, I learned a lot about how a library should be organized for real work of “professionals”, seminary students and ministers.  So now I am learning and learning from Logos.

Now that Logos 4.0 is finally out, I would like to mention some good points about it, besides the usually rich Bible study features:

- the interface is clean and modern; the general feel is like a Web2.0-website; it’s good for new users;
- the software has tagging, good for sorting and navigation among the vast amount of resources;
- the software can be installed just by installing a small executable; all the purchased resources will be downloaded to the machine using your login/password;
- the same library is now accessible online through iPhone (and I hope, a Windows Mobile client is in the work, too).

The developers have been very responsive during the beta-testing process.  I use a Russian version of Windows XP, so I caught some specific errors.  The Logos team very quickly fixed all problems that I faced.  And I think they also fixed many other problems, too :-)   Great job by Logos and a great experience for me.

Thank God.  Thanks to the Logos team and the good community forum members at Logos.com.

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